Bothy Shelters

Bothies are a simple shelter that can be set up in a matter of seconds using the occupants as the structure. They are great for uncomfortable situations where you might want to do a navigation check out of the weather all the way to extreme Search and Rescue situations where a shelter is needed immediately.   These bothies can be modified to suit teams and other needs of the intended users.

4 - 6 Person Bothy (Search and Rescue)



Bothy - 6 Person



Dimensions: 135cm wide X 135cm high X 175cm long


Weight: 500 grams


Materials:  20d SilNylon


Features:  2 cinch close vents, tie outs top and bottom corners, elastic draw cord around the bottom perimeter.


Contact for available colours


Price: $180

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2 Person Bothy ( Climbers and Hikers)


Bothy-2 Person


Dimensions: 70cm wide x 170cm long x 100cm high


Weight: 330 grams


Material. 20d Silnylon


Features:  8 tie out points, 2 cinch close vents,  elastic perimeter draw string at the bottom edge


Price: $130 


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