The quality of materials will make all the difference in an item. I select only what I consider to be the best materials and constantly gauge them for quality as I am  cut and make up the item.  These are the main materials I use at Terra Rosa Gear


Sil Nylon-  This has been the classic outdoor fabric for a long time now and it has set the standard for tent materials.   I use a silicon/pu coated, 20denier,  1500hh waterproofing.  It has fantastic windblocking properties and has a very good tensile stregth.

Sil Poly-  The new kid on the bock.  With a higher UV resistance and less stretch when wet compared to sil nylon this 20 denier Silicon impregnated 1500hh waterproofing material has been extremely popular.  It has a higher abrasion resistance than silnylon but less tensile strength.

Defab Canvas-  This Australian canvas is the best around and feathers in many of Terra Rosa Gear items in their different weights and colours. Much of TRG will be made using their 60/40 blend of poly and cotton for classic canvas performance with and increased durability.  Add in the Defab waterproofing and you have an incredible material.

X-pac-  This fantastic 5 ply material finds its way into a bunch of items as well alot of custom work.  The VX03 is the reinforcement patcheson the tarps while the VX-21 comes to life in many packs and bike bags.  The VX-42 come out when a heavy duty materials is needed.

Tyvek 1443R- This lightweight non woven polyethylene is perfect for the sleeping covers as it has a high enough breath-ability and water resistance to meet all those purposes.  When used as a tarp and set up correctly it is perfectly functional. This material also takes well to 3rd part DWR treatments for a further improvement on the waterproofing.