Sleeping Quilts

Photo thanks to Patrick Holcombe

Photo thanks to Patrick Holcombe

The Terra Rosa Gear Sleeping Quilt is a synthetic sleeping quilt made  custom to your size.

With the improvements in materials over the last few year I have personally made the switch from down to synthetic in  all of my gear. This was entirely for the ethical reason of sourcing down as well as the constant moisture management  battle to keep my down gear from wetting out and becoming useless. Classic story heard many times over.



-The quilts are kept as simple as possible. The length is determined your height so the quilt can be pulled above the head in the absence of a hood. There is a round bottom footbox with no through seams to avoid cold spots. A the top there is a single elastic drawcord used to cinch the edge  creating a curve or contour that fits around your shoulders and neck.

-Shell fabrics will be the as light as I can source and that I deem strong enough to take the abuse of adventure. Usually 10- 15 denier fabrics are great and can take the punishment of many season of adventure.

-Insulation material is the key of course and I have selected Climashield apex. This is a incredibly lightweight and durable insulation that makes a wonderful sleeping quilt.


Temperature ratings are a very personal thing with so many widely varying factors such as whether you're a man or a woman, type of shelter being used, what you are wearing and also what you had for dinner (metabolism).  Please allow these to factor into your decision.

2.5oz =10 C approx    --------------------   $260

3.6oz = 5 C approx--------------------------- $290

5.0 = 0 C approx ------------------------------ $330

7.5oz = -10 C approx -------------------------$370

10oz = -15 C approx --------------------------$420

Approx Weights:

2.5oz -450 grams  (to fit 190cm / 6' 3"body)

5oz- 655 grams  (to fit 190cm / 6' 3"body)

7.5oz - 855 grams  (to fit 190cm / 6' 3"body)

10oz- 1100grams  (to fit 190cm / 6' 3"body)



Double sleeping quilts can also be made on request.


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