Tarp Shelters

These are the Tarp shelters that are proudly made in my workshop in Melbourne Australia. For any questions on materials please refer to the Material page here.

The current colours are Yellow and Olive Green in Sil Nylon and Fluro Green in Sil Poly. Custom colour orders are availble but please allow for extra time.

Team Tarp - 4.5 x 3 Metres
from 320.00

The Team Tarp is the largest (non-custom) tarp available. It has been included because of the popularity of its size. It measures a massive 4.5 x 3 meters. It features 12 tie outs and 4 panel pulls, making this tarp easy to pitch in many styles that can suit the entire squad.

Shape: Rectangle

Size: 4.5x3 meters

Outter Edges: Flat

Weight: 595g in Sil-Nylon

Price: $320 in Sil-Nylon /  $360 In Sil-Poly

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Prospecting Tarp- 3x3 Metre Tarp
from 235.00

The Prospecting Tarp is a 3 x 2.95 meter tarp. With its flat edges it can be pitched tight to the ground to seal out weather. With up to 16 tie-out points, this tarp can be set up in a wide variety of styles. Very popular with the hammock community as well as the traditional tarp campers.

Shape: Square

Size: 3 x 2.95 metre

Outter Edges: Flat


 490g in Tyvek / 430g in Sil-Nylon / 450g in Sil-Poly

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Adventuring Hammock Tarp
from 210.00

The Hammock Adventuring Tarp is a large hexagonal tarp. 2.85 meters in width, with a massive 3.45 meter slightly cat-cut ridgeline, its sides taper to 2.2 meters - this tarp has great coverage. It has 6 tie-outs and 4 panel-pulls to extra volume.  

Shape: Hexagonal

Size: 3.5 x 2.85 meters

Outter Edges: Catenary

Weight: 350g in Tyvek / 395g in Sil-Nylon/ TBA

Price: $155 in Tyvek / $210 in Sil-Nylon / Sil-Poly $230

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Wilderness Tarp - 2x3 Metres
from 195.00

The Wilderness Tarp is a great companion for any duration of trip. From a base-camping tarp for a snow trip to a "new camp every night" thru hiker. The Rectangular shape with its 12 tieouts allows for many classic tarp style of set up. Its success is in its simplicity.

Shape: Rectangle

Size: 3 x 2 meters

Outter Edges: Flat

Weight: Tyvek Stats to come./ 305g in SilNylon / 315g in SilPoly

Price: Tyvek $145 / $195 in SilNylon / $215 in SilPoly

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Wandering Tarp - 1.5 x 3 Metre
from 85.00

The Wandering Tarp is a versatile rectaglular tarp. Its 3 meter ridgeline and width of 1.45 meters makes it ideal for solo and minimalist trips. It is made for those that like to pack light. It has 8tie-outs, allowing the wanderer to enjoy a wide variety of set-up styles. Great for the ground or in a hammock.

Shape: Rectangle

Size: 3 x 1.45 meters

Outter Edges: Flat or Catenary

Weight: 220g in Tyvek / 235g in Sil-Nylon / 240g in Sil-Poly

Price: $85 in Tyvek / $135 in Sil-Nylon/ $ 150 in Sil- Poly

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Mini Tarp
from 85.00

The Mini Tarp is a great pocket sized tarp for use with a bivy or sleeping cover or maybe the dog or covering gear at camp. Perfect for the fastpackers and bikepackers how just want the most minimal of shelters.

Size:  150cm x 150cm

Weight: 130 grams

9 Tie outs.  4 corners, 4 sides, one central panel pull and an internal hang loop.

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Cuben Fiber Tarp - 3.2 x 2.6 metres

Cuben Fiber is an incredible material that has been pushing the boundaries for shelters over the last few years. If serious weight saving is what you're after then Cuben is the way to lighten your pack.

Size: 3.2 x 2.6 metres

Weight. 265 grams (no guys or stuff sac)

Tie outs: 12 perimeter ties and 4 panel pulls (your choice of line locs or D rings)

Material: 0.51 oz/yd2

Price $560

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