Welcome into the Terra Rosa Gear workshop. 

To create adventure gear that will be used in all kinds of enviroments and locations around the world the proper machines are a must.

These are the current sewing machines that each serve a different purpose in the workshop.

This is my Juki LH_1152

This is a highspeed double needle tarp making monster! Made in Japan in the mid 80s it will last a long time yet.  

It is a needle feed machine which makes it perfect for all the lightweight work at Terra Rosa Gear.  

That would be sleeping quilts, sleeping covers, tarps, stuffsacs, and heaps of the custom work as well.   Its safe to say that this is the TRG workhorse.

This beautiful machine is a Toyota AD320 also Japanese made and also from the mid 80's.

This compound feed machine can straight stitch through an impressive thickness of canvas and will do it as slow or as fast as needed! The machine is also computerized which I use on occasion for tacking.

The TRG swags, some bikebags and heaps of the canvas work will see the business end of the needle on this machine.

Introducing my SINGER 155BV.

 This crazy looking machine is a Japanese made cylinder arm compound feed synchronized binder.

What a mouthfull!  That means this machine can add binding to pretty much any item that is made in the workshop.

The binder can also be quickly removed so it can be used as a plain cylinder arm sewing machine.

This is useful for repairs and modifications to to oddly shaped items like the bottom of packs or knees of waterproof pants.


This is my SailRite LSZ-1 .

It is a powerful  machine and although not  as fast as the other machines it has its place to slowly but surely chug though the heaviest work that comes through TRG.  With its zig zag stitch it sees a lot of reinforcing work on the medium to heavyweight projects.

And those are the main sewing machines that are used to make Terra Rosa Gear.  Thanks to the talented Wolf Marx @wolfmarxphotography for these awesome shots and the below photo of a regular days in the workshop