Private Workshops

Have you ever wanted to build your own bike Framebag or Tarp shelter but don't know where to start?

Grab a friend or two and make it happen.

Popular builds offered are:

2x3m Tarp shelters (TRG Tarp 2), in Eco Silpoly 1.1

Custom Bike Frame bags in canvas,and or Xpac VX21.



Key points:

-Small groups (max 5 depending on build item).

-Sewing experience is great but not necessary.

-Materials provided but if you want too add patches etc bring them along!

-Workshops will usually be a full day of work.

-Colours are limited but I can try to accommodate of course.


Prices will vary build to build but Framebags start at $195 per person.


Drop me a line at to start the process.