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We're capping orders for 4 weeks

During the last year as Covid19 has changed how we all live, TRG has received overwhelming support from the local outdoor/adventure/cycling communities.

The TRG crew has managed through the closure of the workshop for more than 120 days during the lockdowns, at a time when more and more people were/are thinking about how they participate in the outdoors, and what they might do as things open up again. That's meant while being unable to produce orders, the orders kept coming in.

The build time has stretched beyond what we think is reasonable to ask our customers to wait for their bikepacking bags, quilts, and shelters for adventure.

I'm going to cap the orders so myself and the crew can focus on building gear and reducing the waiting time.

I cannot fully express my gratitude to the customers who rallied around TRG during the Melbourne Lockdowns.

Thank you.

I and the crew look forward to building your gear.


March 28, 2021

Welcome to Terra Rosa Gear

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The Terra Rosa Mission

High-quality, bespoke adventure equipment, designed and hand-made in Melbourne.

The ultimate goal for Terra Rosa Gear is to connect people with the outdoors, as intimately and safely as possible. To make gear that brings people closer to nature, without sacrificing the environment through careless production methods. 

It’s hard enough to unplug from the everyday, without having to go remote lugging mass produced gear that carries a heavy footprint. When you’re camping out on a ridge under the stars, or strung out between the gum trees, the hope is you’ll be nowhere else, and able to get the most of your experience with gear that opens you up to all the outdoors has to offer.

As an experienced mountaineer and Search and Rescue worker, Evan produces a range of equipment designed and tested for purpose-built durability. Fabrics are sourced for both lightweight travel and harsh conditions. Evan fabricates a comprehensive range of high-tech, cutting edge products on industrial machines older then himself. Terra Rosa also values craftsmanship, and offers a contemporary range of gear for the outdoors in-keeping with the beautiful, quality details of traditional bushcraft. You can ensure each piece is hand-crafted with tensile, weatherproof stitching, so you’ll be sheltered from the conditions the gear is custom designed for.

What Evan loves about his product is that he’s involved in the process from start to finish. To make something out of nothing, and then to see where that gear has taken those he makes for. Evan intends his gear to help people to fall in love with the land, to find connection, and to allow the freedom to go further afield. 

He aims to always be crafting by hand.




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Have a friend heading out on an adventure? Our gift cards can be used for products, or put towards a custom build for that perfect bag.


Making a UL Tarp

I would like to acknowledge, with the greatest respect, the traditional custodians of this beautiful and timeless land on which Terra Rosa Gear is created and used.