The Workshop

Terra Rosa Gear is made for all conditions, and the right industrial equipment is needed to create the best gear. As TRG has evolved so has the machinery. Here’s a rundown of the heavy duty sewing machines that each serve a different purpose in the workshop:


'The Workhorse' - Juki LH_1152 

A high-speed double-needle tarp making monster. This machine was built to last; made in Japan in the mid-80s. Being needle fed makes it ideal for the lightweight work at Terra Rosa Gear. Your sleeping quilts, sleeping covers, tarps, stuffsacs, and much of the custom work will be crafted under the JUKI.


The Toyota AD320

A beautiful Japanese machine is also from the mid-80s. This compound feed machine can straight stitch through an impressive thickness of canvas. The machine is also computerized which is used on occasion for tacking. The TRG swags, some bike-bags and much of the canvas work will see the business end of the needle on this machine.



A unique build, this Japanese made cylinder-arm is a compound-feed synchronized binder. Mainly used to fix binding to all of the TRG products, but the binder can also be removed for use as a plain cylinder-arm sewing machine. This is useful for repairs and modifications to oddly shaped items like the base of packs, or knees of waterproof pants.


The SailRite LSZ-1

A powerful machine, and although not as fast as the others it slowly but surely chugs through the heaviest work that comes through TRG. With its zig-zag stitch it performs much of the reinforcing work on TRG’s medium to heavyweight projects.

Photography thanks to the talented Wolf Marx @wolfmarxphotography