Quality materials make all the difference for hardy adventure gear. Only fabrics with optimum properties are sourced for Terra Rosa products, and quality is gauged consistently throughout the fabrication of each item. Here’s a quick rundown:


- Classic outdoor use and premium tent fabric.
- Heavy wind-blocking properties
- High tensile strength

Terra Rosa’s selection of Silnylon is silicon/pu coated, 20denier with 1500hh waterproofing. 


- Ideal for items such as tarps, tents, gear sacks, pack covers.
- Waterproof and windproof
- Heat and UV resistance
- High abrasion resistance
- Less tensile strength than Silnylon, though higher stretch resistance when wet

Terra Rosa’s stock of Silpoly is 20 denier, silicon impregnated, with 1500hh waterproofing. 

Defab Canvas

- Premium multi-purpose Australian canvas in varying weight and colour.
- High strength and durability
- Waterproofing

Terra Rosa’s canvas products are generally made using Defab’s 60/40 blend of poly and cotton for classic canvas performance.

X-pac TM

- Various uses in tarps, packing products and custom items.
- Heavy duty, 5 ply material
- Ultralight
- High strength and durability
- Waterproof
- Tear, puncture and abrasion resistant
- Stretch and resistant

Terra Rosa sources X-pac fabric in varying deniers to suit.


- Non-woven polyethylene perfect for sleeping covers and alternative tarp fabric
- Breathable
- Water resistant, option for increased waterproofing treatment 
- Lightweight
- Tear resistant

Terra Rosa uses Tyvek 1443R polyethylene fabric.