Sleeping Covers

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The Terra Rosa Gear sleeping  cover range is designed to be the perfect addition to the tarp shelter protecting from poor weather "splash up" as well as heat robbing wind.  They are also great for avoiding condensation inside tents.

Please note that I do not sell these as bivy shelters as they are not a stand alone shelter.

All Tyvek Sleeping Cover

The simple and effective sleeping cover made with all tyvek (1443r soft structure) which allows for great breathability and water resistance


Size: see above diagram

Weight: 155 grams

Material:  Tvyek 1443r upper and bottom

Price: $65



Deluxe Sleeping Cover

The same as the all tyvek version but this features a Sil Poly floor

Size: See above diagram at All Tyvek Version

Materials: Tyvek 1443r upper and Silpoly 4000hh bottom

Weight:  170 grams

Price: $95


All Mesh Sleeping Cover

An all mesh sleeping cover for the days when you need to keep the bugs at bay or keep ventilation to a premium.  Zip entry and Sil-Poly floor feature on this.

Weight TBC

Price: $120



Mesh Hood Sleeping Cover


This is the sleeping cover to keep the bugs off you.  It had the same dimensions as the above sleeping covers but had a 60 cm mesh hood. There is a #3YKK across body zipper for easy entry and exit. It also allows for the hood section to be tucked away when not needed. There is also a tie out to suspend the mesh away from the face.


Size: Same as above + 60 cm mesh hood

Materials: Tyvek 1443r upper,  Nylon mesh hood,  Silpoly 4000hh bottom

Weight: 250grams

Price: $170